We love to invent things/ tools that make our daily work easier and more smooth.

Some of our most favorite and useful in-house tools we offer to the community as plugins, so everybody who wants can use them.

below you find a list of our current tools and some of the tools are are to be released in near future.

They are available via our online shop “3dtools.info”

V-RAY for Cinema 4D

10 years ago Stephan Laub, CEO and lead artist of Qucumber.at and LAUBlab Vienna, initiated the high end render engine V-Ray for Cinema4D, based on Chaos Groups famous V-Ray render core. Until version 3.6 the LAUBlab dev team developed it, since 2018 V-Ray for Cinema 4D has a new home now with Chaos Group, who will continue the product and bring it to the V-Ray NEXT version.

We continue to support Chaos Group and our V-Ray C4d users, and also to teach V-Ray and Archviz, and of course. Being official V-Ray and Chaos Group resellers,  we can offer V-Ray licenses for the D-A-CH region as well as all other European Countries to all our customers, at best prices.

You can get V-Ray licenses for c4d as well as all other V-Ray version direct from our shop:  3dtools.info

We are happy to serve you with any V-Ray related products, teaching, assets.

In case you need any help, feel free to contact us at the shop email: shop_sales@3dtools.info


Rhino.io is a new connection and import/export plugin that lets you directly open and save native Rhino3d (.3dm) files from and into MAXON Cinema4d. In addition files updated in Rhino3d can be merged and they will be automatically updated  into Cinema4d. This enables Cinema4d users to use a model in Rhino3d and CINEMA4D at the same time, any update in Rhino3d will be transferred to Cinema4d.

Rhinoceros 3d could therefore also act as a  “NURBS plugin for the Cinema4d“, connecting  best of both worlds. Rhino3d’s precise and extensive CAD and NURBS tool set, with Cinema4ds modern and flexible tools. Rhino.IO imported models are also ready to use for any high quality 3rd party engine like V-RAY for Cinema 4D, Corona, Maxwell, Octane, Redshift, etc.

UV Spline mapper

With the Spline UV-Mapper plugin for MAXON CINEMA 4D you can create UV-coordinates for any mesh simple and fast. This will allow you to use UV-mapping on meshes that were created with 3D-scanners, meta balls or similar techniques. The U-coordinates are placed along a spline object you define; the V-coordinates can be set by spherical or planar projection.

Simply right click on the object you want to edit and select the “Spline UV-Mapping” tag from the context menu. Create a spline object that follows the shape of your object and drag & drop this spline object into the plugin tag. UV-coordinates will be created based on the shape of this spline and it’s rotation.

The created UV-coordinates are stored in an UVW-tag. After you have created the UVs you can simply delete the plugin tag and hand your mesh over to the texturing, animation or rendering pipeline. When the Spline UV-Mapping plugin is applied all texture tags of your edited object will automatically switch their projection mode to “UVW Mapping”.


the ACAD2C4D plugin by LAUBlab Vienna, is a very simple to use but yet very powerful tool to connect Autocad drawings and models to Cinema4d.

It totally changes the way one can work using both applications together. It had been traditionally a pain getting full models error-free into MAXON Cinema4d. The classic .dwg import misses all solids, the most used geometry in 3d Acad models and introduces some other issues while the classic exchange formats lose information on the way, have scaling issues, miss objects etc.

All this is history now. Working with AUTOCAD and rendering in Cinema4d is now very easy. You can transfer your file error-free in a few clicks to C4d and render there with any renderer (internal and 3rd party engines supported).

[Auto]CAD2C4D enables you to save native .c4d files directly out of your AUTOCAD environment.

Just type “toc4d” into the command prompt in AUTOCAD and you can save the full AUTOCAD scene, including layers (transferred to c4d groups), layer colours, cameras, splines, faces, polygons, solids, splines circles, arcs, text, subdivs and block references.

  • it works with AUTOCAD 2012-2019, MAC and Windows
  • the resulting native .c4d file can be opened in c4d 12 and newer
  • works with any render engine in C4D

upcoming plugin (deformer & scatter plugin):

Use geometry like a texture on any object surface,

with many texture driven variation and randomization parameters

to be released in next weeks (in final test phase)

Tile Pro

upcoming shader plugin (with build in 2d raytracer engine):

create any pattern shapes and use as a simple shader to generate high end surfaces

with many texture driven variation and randomization parameters

supports V-Ray for Cinema4D, CoronaC4D, C4d internal engines, and via auto baking also Redshift and Octane.

to be released in next weeks (in final test phase)

Several other C4D “Q-plugins” for are in development at the moment and will be released a bit later, within 2019.