We put a lot of passion in Q-TILE-PRO – thousands of work hours over more than 1.5 years, for designing, development and testing had been invested.


To give you a good start with Q-Tile-Pro, we bundled more than 150+ shape presets from our shape libraries 1+2+3 now FREE as extra bonus included!



Made by 3d C4D artist for 3d C4D artists! We are long term C4d users ourselves since C4D v7, and make the tools we think are needed for C4D.


NO means NO, we do not like subscriptions! Therefore we offer PERPETUAL LICENSES with serial number, priced friendly. very affordable Multi seat license offers!


Q-TILE-PRO | surface engine is a c4d native tool, deeply integrated into Cinema 4D supporting R19, R20 and R21, win & OSX


The Q-TILE-PRO engine runs direct within C4D code and supports all 3rd party render engines*


“Q_TILE_PRO | surface engine” is a new tool for creating high end surfaces!
Created by the “qucumber.at”| LAUBlab alpha GmbH artist & development team, based in Vienna / Austria.

Randomness is everywhere, almost every surface in reality we see consists of repeating elements, which at the same time differ in their details. The play between order and variation, the manifestation of difference & repetition, is a key element of life and nature. Most materials we face, have repeating parts or elements in its surface structure, yet at the same time each element is slightly different and unique in its own. In 3D usually it is pretty hard to recreate that effect in good ways, as even good seamless textures fail for that most times, and show repeating structures in the rendering.

“Q-TILE-PRO” is here to solve that!


We made the Tile Pro | Surface Engine to enable artists to re-create these repeating or non repeating material structures in a highly realistic way. The Tile Pro Surface Engine works like a shader directly in C4D, with detailed control on shapes, customization and randomization.  It work with any c4d compatible render engine, and can be used in any 3rd party material slots/channels (albedo/diff./ glossy/refl./bump/normal/displ./cutout/ etc.)

The TILE PRO | surface engine plugin is a new artist driven tool, to generate ANY REPEATING patterns like tiles, floors, bricks, panels, facades, meshes,… or also for making exact the opposite – ANY NON REPEATING , “structure less ” surfaces, like for example solving the problem of big asphalt areas and concrete, plaster, gravel, or sand surfaces. We hope you will like and enjoy our new Tile Pro plugin, same as we do! – the Qucumber.at team



Deep & Seamless C4d Integration

Q-Tile-Pro is deeply integrated into Cinema 4D and runs natively inside the C4D interface. it can be used like a shader, and you can place any c4d shader and c4d bitmap inside it. it extends the c4d feature set in new ways to build high end surfaces.

you can use it in any render engine which natively supports c4d shaders like for example Corona or V-Ray. Redshift supports C4D shader via its c4d node and bakes it in render time for gpu use. Other gpu engine like Octane, or cloud render service like V-Ray cloud, renderfarms, standalone/DR render systems etc. can use it via the build in autobaking from the q-tile pro plugins

Build in Custom Tile and Pattern Editor

Your imagination is the limit, the Q-Tile-Pro surface engine comes with its own shape and pattern editor system, where you can draw any polygonal or free form shapes. In addition it can import any c4d splines, also grouped ones, that will be transformed into shape polygons for direct use inside the Q-Tile-Pro surface engine. any patterns and shapes can be saved into a library for later use.

The plugin comes already with 2 shape libraries included, with around 150 predefined library items that can be used right away. The Q-Tile-Pro editor makes seamless patterns in any ways easy to produce, with its special “endless ” canvas system.

Any Repeating Structure With Variation

Q-Tile-Pro is designed to let you create any repeating or semi repeating surface structures, any free for shapes you can imagine are possible! it is enabling you at the same time to keep deep and precise randomization and variation control within the surface, like we see it in in most real world surfaces.

You can generate any kind of things like for example any tiles, panels, roofs, floors, parqet, wood floors, bricks, walls, glass facades, concrete surfaces, stones walls and floors, leaves on floor, and many more with it, all with natural look like in real world.

Any Big NON Repeating Surfaces

Due its nature, Q-Tile-Pro proofed in our tests also to shine in generating actually the contrary of tiles. Via soft edges random patches, one can generate great structure less, non repeating “endless” surfaces.

It can break up any bitmap or shader to not show the usual repeating patters which we all know too well. Also good seamless textures usually show this issue if you zoom out a bit. Q-Tile pro is a problem solver here, finally also huge textured surfaces like asphalt, concrete, plaster, sand, gravel, etc. without any visible repetitions are possible with Q-Tile-Pro!

Shapes Have Its Own Mapping System

The Q-Tile-Pro surface engine, has its own integrated mapping system. all patterns and shapes and also the space between the shapes (the “mortar”) made with the Tile editor can have its own mapping, or a mapping that spans over all times, or a mixture of both.

Each shape mapping can have its own mapping variation, in random or controlled uv offset, random or controlled rotation, random or controlled scale. via the layering system you can also mix such mapping things via the tiles. each shape can have its own texture or c4d shader, again also layered, for endless possibilities and precise mapping control.

Deep Control of Tex placement

The Tile Editor has a texture ID feature which can be used to precisely assign textures to any shape, and not loose control over that.

In addition one can use random shuffle or cycle textures in several ways to randomize the placement or control the texture placement via another shader or texture input.

You can even use another texture input to drive the texture assignment of the tiles, this makes also mosaic like surfaces easy to achieve.

We added all types of texture placement controls we could imagine – if you find anything not included, tell us your wish and we will build it in if it is technically possible!

Use Any Number Of Textures or Shaders

Q-Tile Pro can place “any” number of textures and or c4d shaders or mixes of both, only ram is the limit. You can use the c4d layer shader, c4d noise, bitmaps or any other surface shader in it. One can also automatic load a full folder of textures for easy and import a large number of textures at once click. Each texture import can be separately controlled in size, strength of its mix multiplier, UV offset and local shader rotation.

You can assign a texture id to each imported bitmap or shader, to precisely place or randomly assign the texture to a tile shape or pattern. This enables you to generate surfaces like parquet, wood floors, stone floors or walls, or brick patterns in a few clicks. a good variation of textures result in more natural appearance. Each texture is only used one time in ram, even if you place many copies of it within the tile shader.

Deep Randomization Control

Realism in surfacing comes due the variation and irregularities in a surface, this is a key element! Q-Tile_Pro has an extensive set of randomization and variation control for its surfaces and textures used.

one can randomize the placed textures in color, brightness, add random inclination (great for displacement), rotation scale and offset, these random attributes will not repeat even over the repeating tiles.

Furthermore it offers shape edge bevel and rounding, texture driven shape edge erosion, mortar settings to control/generate a controlled void between the shapes, texture driven edge dirt (similar to V-ray dirt) on each tile shape,  all with custom editable falloff curves.

Vertical Layering System

The Q-Tile-Pro surface engine allows you to stack shape polygon sets also “vertically” on top of each other.

mortar surfaces can be transparent to show the layer below, or we also allow various mix controls of the full layers. Each layer has full shape control and can have its own shapes, textures and randomization setting.

In reality many surfaces are actually such stacks, and Q-Tile-Pro layering allows you to recreate such sets. that way you can easy and fully controlled build up stacks material surfaces, or combinations of elements , like leaves on a floor or hybrid materials that mix certain surface aspects.

For Any Material Channels

The Q-Tile Pro surface engine can be used like a shader, and placed into any shader or texture slot within c4d. it works in native c4d materials or also any 3rd party material which allows c4d shaders to be placed. auto baked bitmaps can be used in any engine also in case.

You can use Q-Tile-Pro to control the diffuse/albedo channels, or the glossy/roughness, reflection color, in luminance channels for self illuminated or as light textures. Of course also as bump, normal map (via build in normal map mode), metalness, or4 as weight map and cutout, and of course to drive displacement which is essential for natural irregular surfaces.

Friendly PERPETUAL Licenses

We are no fan of subscription or rental only systems, so we don’t do them. We offer classic perpetual licenses which never runs out!

We tried to price the tool very fair, even though it was very much work to make it. Q-Tile  Pro was made with passion and thousands of work hours had been invested. One should be able to get in the cost in one or very few projects. We are convicted that Q-Tile-Pro can save you a lot of time in your projects and bring your surface and material quality to a next level.

One year free updates and support are free included, after that we will offer very fair priced update options.

For team or studios that need more than one License we offer very attractive bundle prices!


The Q-Tile-Pro surface engine runs free within Team render or render nodes. It never expires. It does not “call home” and doesn’t need any online activation! it is allowed to install floating on 2 Computers(“notebook” licenses) per licenses, but run only 1 at a time of course.

It runs in C4D r19, r20 and r21. For r19 & r20 it takes your first 11 digits of your c4d serial to generate its license, for r21 your profile ID. Please note that the special priced bundle/multi license options do need to be licenses for the same MAXON profile ID in C4D r21.

Multi License for 3+ seats

€99.- per seat - perpetual license
  • Reduced Price for 3+ lic only 99.- per lic Feature one
  • includes 3 shape libs Feature two
  • Teamrender/Rendernode rendering FREE Feature three
  • 1Year Support and updates FREE Feature four

Multi License for 2 seats

€129.- per seat - perpetual license
  • Reduced Price for 2 lic only 129.- per lic Feature one
  • includes 3 shape libs Feature two
  • Teamrender/Rendernode rendering FREE Feature three
  • 1Year Support and updates FREE Feature four


"Q_TilePro" our Pinterest Board [excerpt]


On the right side you see one of our Tile pro Pinterest reference collections. It shows well the many usage possibilities for Q-Tile Pro- as one can see a many surfaces from real world are made of repeating elements or structures that are randomly/non repeating. In theory you would need something like Q-Tile-Pro for more or less every rendered surface:)


Q-Tile Pro help video 1coming week #48

Q-Tile Pro help video 2coming week #48

Q-Tile Pro help video 3coming week #48

Q-TILE-PRO 3+ Seat Multi License


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If you need more than one license we offer friendly priced multi licenses.
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